May 26, 2014

Just planning ahead today. Last week went slower than I'd have liked,
but some major systems were coded and setup to smooth the way for the
coming development. Feeling very positive about the Interaction Manager,
the toolkit module and the early throwable object code.

Now that I'm back and 100% committed to finishing Jack Houston with the
AGS engine, I feel I'm making a lot of progress toward coding the bones
of the game. These scalable systems are designed to support the needs of
the story as the codebase unfolds.  

Some stuff to look at ASAP:
>Strip sound code from "stair" room, create sound module
>Add throw function to "click on nothing" handler
>Remove inventory item interactivity with exit hotspots

Next on the agenda:
>Code rm145 puzzle
>Code rm150 puzzle
>Create INT temp gfx
>Code computer & ladder
>Code puzzle 6 encounter & convo


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