So, this project has been like a long, hilly road where you can’t see exactly where you’re going over all the hills, and you just sorta keep driving hoping that you’ll eventually reach some destination that doesn’t suck. But every once in a while, you reach a milestone. Some landmark that lets you gauge your progress and, if you’re really lucky, maybe even spot the (gulp) end of the road!

The mother of all milestones is that elusive alpha version. The moment you get to the end of the game and tie everything together so that you can play from beginning to end. Because from there on out, it’s all just improving and fixing, something much more quantifiable.

Well, I have finally reached that point with my Han Solo game, a project I began planning on paper as a teenager, only days or weeks after playing my first point & click adventure games including Space Quest III and IV. These games, along with Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis inspired me to create this adventure starring Han Solo, and now half a lifetime later I’m finally seeing the end of that road.


The game can now be played all the way through from beginning to end, with a few weird snags that need to be patched up. All the inventory items are in, all the screens are drawn, most of the music is in (waiting on two special tracks being created by the very talented Matthew Haywood), and most of the important dialog has been written. Next I’ll be patching up some big bugs, adding in the last bits of major dialog, creating more animation for certain characters and adding a few new NPCs, then I’ll turn my attention to the sound. After that, I’ll throw in some extra dialog and other interactions, handle all the extra unhandled events, final the rest of the music, and start making a final bug list. At that point I’ll hand out copies to a small team of testers, make sure I’ve got all the kinks out, and she’ll be ready to go!



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