Mar 17, 2015

Have not updated .plan as much lately during sculpting. Meg is finished. Bog Creature is close to done, then a few more monsters to tackle.

But first, I'm finishing up this pass of puzzle dependency charts and getting more code work done. Would like to have all the puzzles wired up.

Done today:
*Re-worked debugging code for Puzzle 5
*Added some puzzle elements for Puzzle 5
*Re-connected 145<>185 and 135<>155 to map properly
*Created puzzle #4 dependency chart
*Created puzzle #5 dependency chart

>Create puzzle charts #6, #9-13
>Finish female sculpt
>Re-do breathing routine to work like a looping music track
>Re-format Puz 1-3 dependency for hard copies
>Finish Bog Beast sculpture


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