Been a very drawn out few months trying to get all the freighter interior modeling out of the way. I've spent months focusing on modeling small detail pieces, molding and casting them, and painting everything. Not happy with the pace since March. Need to make some changes somehow. Stress was definitely a big factor, and lack of rest. Because I should be knocking this stuff out much faster. Recent changes at work have already given me extra energy, and I'm sleeping more now. Definitely feeling the difference in my energy level. I went from having the same scene on the stage for months in preparation for photography, to having that one and two more rooms about finished (latrine is almost ready for photography, just need to finish the shower).

Started a monthly video series that will have little to no production time, just me wrapping up each month on video. I think this will help me stay focused, or at least not lose track of passing time. Need to finish the upper deck this month. Goal is to be working on the engine room by the beginning of September.