Creating the new freighter interior pieces has been EXTREMELY time consuming. Nothing like doing the exterior landscapes or even the more simplistic rocket interior. For this design, I'm going for something that borrows from the Nostromo as well as WWII era naval vessels. I'm using a huge set of photos I took inside a Galveston bay battleship and submarine, and I'm trying to walk the line between "sci-fi space ship" and a believable large vessel interior that feels functional and lived in. It has been tedious as hell, but well worth the effort so far.

Last night I photographed the first half of room #176, a ship interior hallway. Next I need to reset the camera and photograph the other half. Very little else to do, it's mostly ready to go. That will constitute about 14% of this ship interior. I plan to re-use the same walls, and will probably tackle the smaller cabins next. Planning to use the basic wall piece for the back walls and bare metal with I-beam supports and scraped/rusted white paint for the side walls. The latest design changes call for a couple of unexpected features, namely a storage freezer (converted from a mess hall, this can figure into the gene sample storage stuff) and a narrow galley. Other than that, just need to build some basic military vessel style installations for beds, sinks, showers, desk, computer console, etc. For #177, I'll need cabinetry and bulky scientific equipment. 

Not sure where to put room #180 yet, but I'm thinking at the end of the hallway. Possibly with an access ladder that gets you back to the cargo hold downstairs. I think #180 could be a really interesting build. Need to remember to use those bizarre printer cartridges. The shapes just scream "huge, bulky engine."

Will probably put off #170 and #172 for last, since those will likely be the most tedious. Should probably go through my air museum photography for #172 and see if I can partially piece it together that way. Might want to take my camera to the local flight museum here and get more shots. The concept piece for this is pretty close to what I want, so it shouldn't be too hard to piece it together.


> Photograph left half of #176

> Build flexible cabin miniature for #177, #182, folks hold & galley and begin constructing room features.