So, this project has been like a long, hilly road where you can’t see exactly where you’re going over all the hills, and you just sorta keep driving hoping that you’ll eventually reach some destination that doesn’t suck. But every once in a while, you reach a milestone. Some landmark that lets you gauge your progress and, if you’re really lucky, maybe even spot the (gulp) end of the road!

The mother of all milestones is that elusive alpha version. The moment you get to the end of the game and tie everything together so that you can play from beginning to end. Because from there on out, it’s all just improving and fixing, something much more quantifiable. Read more

Just moved back to Houston a few weeks ago. Still settling in at new job and looking for a new workshop space. The last place didn't work out as well as I had hoped. Did a lot to try and setup workspace but the garage just wasn't suitable. Luckily I have some far better prospects here. Still pricing some options.

Meanwhile, I've just migrated my entire .plan archive to my new personal gamedev blog. Just makes more sense to have here, although I'll maintain a link to this blog on the Warbird Games site.

My .plan posts stopped back in April as things got busy preparing to move. April, May and June consisted mostly of matte painting with all those photos I took in March. The swamp area backgrounds are all just about finished now and they're looking great. More soon.

The Zelda Of Legend

Aug 22, 2015

11221632_815331561917771_6698548499746704600_nIf I have one single favorite game, it would have to be the original 1987 Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It amazes me how many gamers I know are surprised by this, and worse yet, have never actually played it.

I still get a chill when I see that box. My head fills with memories of trying to imagine what sort of world lie inside that exotic, golden cartridge. Only a shield with a few cryptic symbols hinted at the secrets within the depths of this cartridge’s rom chips; a heart, a key and a beast. Surely the ingredients for any great adventure.

For me, The Legend of Zelda is most definitely one of the top 5 greatest games of all time. It was a HUGE landmark in both design and gameplay. The sequels that followed never quite captured that feeling again, because by then they were building on the storyline. The first installment stands alone as a far more pure gameplay experience where, rather than try to tell some story about saving the princess (sure, the quest was there, but it was not in the foreground), it focused more on evoking the feeling that Miyamoto got as a child exploring the mysteries of his back yard. It was about the experience, not the storyline. Mood, gameplay, mystery, exploration, hidden treasures, happy surprises and an epic feeling of adventure were the building blocks of the original Zelda. Read more